Titik Temu

.TEMU (an Indonesian word which translates as ‘meeting point’) re-imagine
local values and habits, digged from the past or more contemporer ones,
into modern coffeeshops.

Our first home at Seminyak was created to reminisce the olden days of local
‘warung kopi’ (coffee stalls). Our main feature; the stairs, was made to
create the atmosphere of Indonesian communal habits, giving people the
freedom to mingle and converse without restrictions and gaps that exists
between proper tables and seats. While its second floor emphasizing our
habit of ‘lesehan’ (sitting on the ground).

Our second home at Jenggala highlights Jakarta’s busy way of life,
constantly blending works, living, and socializing into a hopefully well
balanced life within short daily timeframe. Located perfectly hidden in a
quiet housing complex, in the middle of the busiest and liveliest part of
our capital city.

Our third one, still consistently embodying our value of bringing local
values into modern experience, .TEMU is very fortunate to join Mbloc, a
homecoming act to re-capture the historic 80’s youth and creative culture
at Blok M.

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