Mr Roastman

Smoked & Brewed is an intimate bistro specialising in handcrafted smoked beef, primarily brisket and ribs, masterfully complemented by fine coffee and tea for the perfect harmony.

The smoking process, which patrons can directly view and experience live on-site, is a labour of passion, dedication and love, with each taking 18 to 24 hours. The finished products are presented in a variety of ways, such as simply sliced served with garnish and Mr Roastman signature sauce, as a burger, as a croissant sandwich and many others.

Embracing diversity, also offered are various popular Indonesian dishes such as mutton fried rice (nasi goreng kambing) and rib soup a la Betawi (sup iga Betawi), along with Sichuan chicken rice bowl, spaghetti Bolognese and others.

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