Asta Mandala x M Bloc Space


It’s had been years forgotten and maybe no one looks interested about the building. Some of us, just moving through without realizing what building it is. At the same time, the building was kept strictly and quiet. Stand out as no more than an abandoned old building.

In mid 2019, both Peruri and PT. Ruang Riang Milenial committed to revive that idle building into creative space for millennials. But we need something unusual and different than ever, not because it looks edgy but bigger and we think this is an obligatory way since we make this place not only for the millennial generation: we need to keep M Bloc sustained in the future.

We need M Bloc Space to be a better place, for a better future.

We are very happy to meet Asta Mandala!

Asta Mandala is the first Indonesian consulting group for sustainable tourism. Sustainable tourism means responsible tourism management that enables tourism business to provide a positive impact not only for industry actors, but also for the environment around. We’ve been completing various assessments and its routine monitoring to keep M Bloc sustained environmentally, socially, and economically.

It’s our dream to make M Bloc Space to be a better place,so both of us committed to collaborate to make it happen! 

It’s never been easy and always challenging, but we have to start NOW.

Good place, good environment

As we already know, plastic bags need more than a hundred years to be composed. In daily activities at M Bloc Space, we encourage our staff, tenants, and visitors to reduce plastic usage as much as possible. As an alternative, we tend to use eco-friendly materials for cutlery and take-away packaging. Besides that, we also obligated all tenants to always monitor their waste, electricity and water usage routinely. Doing recycle, reduce, and reuse with small things such as reuse glass bottles into vase, recycle old stuff into something new and more useful,  That may sound simple but we are trying to do it consistently for the only objective: sharing awareness about the environment. 

Easy to reach by public Transportation

Located well strategic between MRT Blok M and ASEAN Station, making M Bloc not only connected by MRT but also Transjakarta through CSW station and Blok M terminal. As a place is designed with no parking area (both motorcycle and cars), we encourage visitors to take public transportation frequently. It’s such a bold move, but that’s how we are doing. You may need to take a walk to reach M Bloc, it takes your energy too but   And please do not worry about using your bicycle to M Bloc Space, we provide the racks. It’s safe and you will have fun! You may need to take a walk from the station or terminal to reach M Bloc, it only takes 4 mins or 350 meters. Well, besides burn your calories, strengthen the heart, it lightens your mood too, and you may feel the nice atmosphere of our city. 

Gardening in the heart of hustle city 

Fresh air brings happy vibes, doesn’t it?  We’ve been preparing some areas as mini gardens to bring fresh and shady vibes to accompany your activity at M Bloc. In addition to aesthetics, you will find various plants with various plantation methods too. At Wandel gang, you would find some hydroponic installation by Kebun Ide Gelato  (and they are one of our tenants too), some of its harvests to be materials of their gelato! Brings your kids to M Bloc? Please take them near Mural area, there’s a lot of plants that always we eat every day like spinach, chili, celery, eggplant, basil, pakchoi and others. They are planted by the urban community ‘Jakarta Berkebun’.  

A place for ANYTHING

What could you do at M Bloc Space? Well, you could enjoy various events such as 

concerts, talks, workshops, bazaar, art exhibitions. Find various foods, both western and Indonesian, from coffee to Jamu (Indonesian herb drinks), shop various things like merchandise, jewelry, t-shirt, cd’s, vinyl, bags, even plants. One thing for sure that you need to know, we are not only bringing you joy through entertaining events but also a playground to enrich your knowledge. As a place that adopted adaptive reuse of heritage buildings and brand new creative-hub, we are open for site visits for academics, businessmen, students, or even public about its history and further goals of M Bloc Space.

Creative Hub is also means Social Hub

Sometimes, unpleasant things happen. Just like the first day of 2020, after all day long non stop rained, most of Jakarta’s area were trapped by the flood. The capital city and around became non-accessible, dropped, even victims fell. Since we are not only a creative hub, but also a social hub, we opened donations through Kitabisa website and received station (donation things: food, clothes, blanket, medicine, cleaning tools, etc) during 2-7 January 2020. All donations distributed to affected spots in Jakarta and around. 

Support and chill out

Need an easy music performance to chill? M Bloc Space at night could be your nice option. Supported by Institut Musik Jalanan (Street Music Institute), we empower our difabel friends to show their music’s ability. Enjoy and do not forget to donate, okay?

A place for ALL

Hangout is everyone’s right and M Bloc is designed for everyone including difabel, elderly, and baby-carriers. We’ve renovated the building to be as accessible as possible for anyone, so you don’t have to worry about bringing the loved ones. In collaboration with Konekin (Koneksi Indonesia Inklusif) “your connection for disability Inclusion”, we hold a monthly talk or another event with a disability theme at M Bloc Space. 


In the name of Locality

It is already included in our design to open tenant’s space with local focus, so we have 17 tenants in total. They are selected potential businesses, consisting of FnB and non-FnB tenants. As a brand new creative hub, we want to show that there are many quality local products to be righteously exposed while enhancing business with their uniqueness. Hopefully, M Bloc could build an ecosystem or melting pot for local products, both producer and consumer. Besides that, we’ve been committed to making M Bloc Space become an inclusive scene for all, including local small businesses. We’ve opened our space to be fulfilled by their products, from various regions in Indonesia and made with love by craftsmen.

Superb team behind

Bringing back an old building into a hustling place nowadays also needs participation by many people around. It needs more and more people to work here by various backgrounds, both in management and tenants to help M Bloc’s daily operations keep powerful. That is always a warm and happy feeling for us to share this place with fun-hard workers in supporting each family.

Go Cashless with Ease 

There are so many payment methods today, debit & credit cards, e-wallet, e-money that enable our transactions to be more easier and efficient. Supporting the government’s policy about cashless society by implementing it at M Bloc, we hopefully serve an easier experience in transaction. Besides that, there are some advantages of cashless: lower crime because there’s no tangible money, less money laundering, and easier currency exchange.