About Us

M Bloc is a creative event space and live music venue for the local community. Located within Peruri complex in Melawai, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

It will act as a melting pot for our creative and cultural industries; a place for local musicians, artists, makers and creative freelancers to connect, collab and build their practice and for the community to participate in artistic and creative activities in a variety of mediums.

Our vision is for M Bloc space to become a regional hub of cultural vitality. where arts and culture connects community through education, participation, creativity and ecoonomy.

The Founding Fathers
[Handoko, Lance, Wendi, Glenn, Jacob, Mario]

M Bloc Shophouse used to be an official residence for Peruris employee since the 50s until the 90s and now has been converted into a shopping house from selected local brands in the fields of culinary, clothing, comics / animation, music, etc.

M stands for Many; Music, Meetings, Makers, Meals, Millenials,
Market, Message, Mission, Mutual, Movement, Movies, Melawai, Money…

Bloc is a group of creative cultures with various beliefs and lifestyles to serve its aim and purpose